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Individual Psychotherapy

May you be someone who has been carrying problems since childhood?

Or a difficulty may have suddenly fell on you and you're surprised?

You ask yourself, how it is possible that you, who was coping so well, feels so helpless.

You realize that this situation can not go on.

Is there any way to "get back to a normal life"?

Is it possible to get rid of these problems, or to learn how to handle them?

Where to start?

Please contact us. We will help you to answer these questions and find the way back to YOURSELF.

Justyna Rokicka

I am a psychologist with a master's degree in psychotherapy (University of Warsaw) and a certified psychotherapist (European Certificate of Psychotherapy ECP, PFP Certificate). I continually master my skills by participating in numerous trainings and workshops. My work is subject to regular supervision.

I work with people who:

  • feel helpless with solving their problems, despite of many attempts;
  • can not cope with their own emotions: stress, fear, anger, anxiety, sadness depression, jealousy;
  • satisfy their needs in an irrational way (e.g. foolishly spend money, eat too much);
  • want to improve their relations with other people or their partner
  • want to develop their potential and reach their goals;
  • have physical health problems;
  • seek help concerning their children

In my work I focus on helping people increase their potential and self­esteem (Erickson's therapy and hypnotherapy). As a result of the therapy people will learn how to build better relationships with others andget greater satisfaction with their life.

Direct contact

604 16 27 47

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